How do I read my gauge?


  • Oil tank gauges are pretty simple to find, recognize, and read. If your heating oil tank is above ground outdoors or indoors, look on top of the tank for a device similar to the one in the photos shown on this page.
  • If the heating oil tank is inaccessible above ground or buried, remote oil level gauges are available. Installing a remote-reading oil tank gauge permits reading of the oil tank level from an readout device inside the building.


  • Not all tanks have gauges. If your tank has a gauge, it is located on the top of the tank, usually under a lid or hood which can be lifted up to view the gauge. Look for a gauge dial with numbers from 5 to 95. The numbers indicate the percentage of propane in the tank.

For your convenience and comfort, please contact us if your gauge reading measures less than 30%.