Case Study: Bangs Fuels – Perth, Ontario

How Bangs Fuels Combined a Home and Pottery Studio into a One-Source Heating System, and Gained One Very Satisfied Customer


Bamford-house-2Nestled on the pristine shores of Long Lake, Water’s Edge Pottery Studio sits just 50 feet from Tracy Bamford and Sharon Matthews’ two-storey home. The house has radiant floor heating, which circulates water, heated by a boiler through tubing installed in the floor. This provides a cozy even temperature from the floor up. It sounds like the perfect solution for a rural home. But below the floorboards a serious problem was brewing.

The entire heating system—an oil tank, boiler, hot-water tank, and well-pressure tank—was located in a three-foot high, dirt-floor crawl space beneath a trap door in the kitchen floor, making the system difficult to service. And the oil tank was getting old. “None of the contractors were happy about having to go down there to do any work,” says Bamford. “We were having trouble finding service providers who would also deliver oil. We live on the banks of Long Lake. If the tank had ever leaked it could have leached oil right into it.”

And there was another problem. The pottery studio next door is heated by a propane forced-air furnace. That meant getting two separate deliveries, one for the oil tank for their home and another for the propane system.

To simplify, Bamford and Matthews wanted to switch the house system from oil to propane. “We were looking for a company that both delivered and installed and could amalgamate the whole system,” says Bamford. That meant finding an installer who had the know-how and experience to design a better installation using the existing radiant floor system, while ensuring that the equipment could be easily accessed for future maintenance.

Bamford and Matthews chose Bangs Fuels. “They’re so friendly and knowledgeable. They know what they’re doing. And they deliver fuel too,” says Bamford. Plus, David Bangs had known the previous owner, so was familiar with the house and knew what Bamford and Matthews were up against.


Bamford-outside-utility-roomIt wasn’t a typical installation. Other contractors were involved, so the installation happened over several weeks. Throughout that time, while Bangs Fuels designed and installed the new system, they had to ensure that the owners continued to have heat and water for their home.

Before they could start, Bangs needed to have an accessible location in which to install the new equipment. David Bangs suggested that Bamford and Matthews build a small utility room to house the new system, making each part of it easy to access for future maintenance. They hired a contractor to build a six by ten foot room to be attached to the side of their house.

Bamford-new-propane-tankOnce that was built, Bangs Fuels went to work. The well line from under the house had to be moved into the new utility room. Here they installed a new boiler system using these components:

  • Triangle Tube Prestige Solo 110 high efficiency condensing boiler
  • Triangle Tube Phase III Smart Series in-direct hot water storage tank
  • Zone Control heating system
  • Glycol injection system

The two small propane tanks that had previously supplied the studio were replaced by one large tank. And a new propane line was installed underground from the large tank to the new heating system for the house. Both heating systems now run off one propane tank.

Bamford-inside-utility-roomBut that’s not all. David Bangs and technician Joseph Paul specifically designed the new heating system for easy access for future repairs or upgrades. Then, with the help of Bang’s technician Matt Moodie, Paul implemented the design—installing and connecting the various components with the precision and attention to detail that he’s well known for. “Bangs Fuels engineered the system so that each part of it can be turned off and drained separately for any maintenance down the road,” Bamford says.

What happened to the old installation? The crawl space was too small to even get the equipment out. So Bangs Fuels drained the system, capped it, and removed all the pipes. They left the boiler, oil tank and hot water tank down there, sealed and disconnected. Everything that could be taken out was removed and the area was left tidy and clean.


The owners are delighted with their new heating system. Now, for the first time in many months, they have peace of mind. They can sleep soundly at night knowing that oil won’t leach into their beautiful surroundings.

Plus, they’ll never have to coax another contractor to squeeze into that three-foot crawl space to make repairs. The new system is all housed above ground in the well-designed new utility room.

What’s more, they have just one fuel delivery.

And when future maintenance is required? It can all be done by one friendly supplier, who knows them, their home, and their heating system. “We just love Bangs Fuels,” says Bamford. “They did a meticulous, finely engineered job.”

Recently, Bamford and Matthews showed the new installation to their neighbours. Their comment? “Wow.”


Olive Loney

Reliable, Friendly Service

Olive Loney of Lanark County is a long-time customer of Bangs Fuels. Ten years ago, when she was having trouble with her insurance company over oil tank compliance, Olive hired David Bangs to install a new tank. “David had been delivering my oil for years. He dealt with the insurance company and looked after all that for me,” she says. “I appreciated that.”

And so last year, when Olive decided it was time to get rid of her old oil furnace and switch to propane, there was no doubt in her mind who she wanted for the job. “I can’t speak highly enough about David Bangs and how he runs his business,” she says. “He’s so sincere and helpful.”

David came over to her house and explained in detail what was involved in the installation of the propane furnace and how it worked. And the great service didn’t stop there. The courteous installers kept her informed as their work progressed. “I want to give Scott Meszaros and Keith Turner five stars for doing such a great job,” she says. “They were so polite.”

Is she happy with the job Bangs Fuels did? You bet. The propane furnace is clean, takes up less room and provides a more even heat than oil. And that means greater comfort for Olive. “It will probably end up saving money too,” she says.

Living just down the road from Bangs Fuels, Olive regularly drops her payment off at the Bangs office. “The office staff is very gracious and always helpful,” she says. Olive finds it comforting to know that if she needs them, Bangs Fuels is close by and ready to go the extra mile to provide friendly, reliable service.



Sheila Prescott

The Benefits of Dealing with One Provider

Bangs Fuels has delivered our oil for close to 20 years and then six-years-ago they installed a propane furnace for us.

When we decided it was time to change from oil to propane, we got estimates from a couple of companies. Unbelievably, the quotes came within a penny of each other. But we chose Bangs Fuels because we wanted a one-stop provider. You don’t want to have to deal with two or three companies. We wanted a company that does installations, offers emergency repair service and delivers propane. It’s more convenient that way. And Bangs Fuels provides that full service.

We’re really happy with the new propane furnace. It’s burns cleaner than our old oil furnace and gives a good quality of heat.

And we’re completely satisfied with Bangs Fuels. The installers were polite. The deliveries come on time. We’ve never had to call them to say the propane tanks are low or we’ve run out. No problems, period.

I would absolutely recommend them. In fact, our son is having a furnace installed by them today!



Steve Underwood

An On-Going Project

I’ve been working with Bangs Fuels off and on since 2011. They’ve been my heating consultant for a log home I’m renovating that I purchased it in 2000. I’ve done a lot of the work on the house myself, including the gruelling labour of sanding logs—and mostly in my spare time. As you can imagine, it’s an on-going project.

David Bangs understands that with a building project like this, things don’t always go according to plan. He’s a very patient man. That’s one of the things I really appreciate about him.

In 2009, I had the house put on a foundation and framed an upper storey for it. The house is going to be heated with radiant floor heat. To supply that, I laid my hands on a second-hand oil-fired water boiler. The first job Bangs Fuels did for me was to refurbish that boiler. Then in 2011 they installed the copper tubing in the basement.

I was very pleased with the time and care they took in laying out the radiant floor heating infrastructure. Everything was neat and tidy, with a lot of thought given to future expansion, which is vitally important because the heating system is being installed in stages. That stage of the system was hooked up in spring 2014, when Bangs installed the circulating pumps and connected the rest of the system.

This spring and summer after the plumbers and electrical contractors have finished their work I’ll be in touch with Bangs Fuels again to install additional radiant floor heating on the main floor and in the loft.

What I like about Bangs Fuels is their integrity. They’re honest, straight-shooting and their work is second to none. I’m completely thrilled with the quality of their work and eager to have them back!



Art Tate

Outstanding Service

Back in 2007 I was in the hospital for seven weeks. While I was there I decided that when I got out, I didn’t want to go home to our old furnace. So I called Bangs from the hospital and told them I wanted a new oil furnace installed. They waited about four months after I got out of the hospital before they did the installation. They wanted to wait to see how I was feeling before starting the work. David Bangs said it was the first time anyone’s ordered a furnace from the hospital!

Then six years later when I switched my fireplace to propane, I wanted them to install a propane furnace at the same time, to replace my oil heating system. But David said, “Art, I wouldn’t take that oil furnace out for three or four years.” Now, most other contractors would have just switched out the old system but not David Bangs. He’s an honest man and he knew there were still a few good years left in the oil furnace.

And then two-years ago I had Bangs install central air-conditioning for me. The installers are really knowledgeable. They explain what they’re doing and what I need to do to maintain the equipment. I like that. And they’re very clean. Everything is cleaned up when they finish.

Bangs Fuels provides unbelievable service. And they treat their customers like one big family. I’ve been with them since 1987 and I’m constantly impressed. The staff is so helpful.

For example, take the guys who deliver propane and oil. They drive those great big trucks long distances in the middle of winter, often on small country roads, to reach their rural customers. And unlike some of their competitors, Bangs Fuels always deliver. No matter what, they get the job done.

They’re reliable and dependable. I’m just thrilled with them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a customer for two years or 20 years, you get the same respect and outstanding service.


A Satisfied Customer for 30-Years

Bangs Fuels wasn’t around when we installed the original heating system in our house, which we built in 1975, but they’ve delivered our oil since they started their business in 1985. Then a few years later, when it was time for us to get a new oil tank and furnace, they did the installations.

They are a good, dependable firm to deal with, and we like their automated oil delivery system. During the winter months, Bangs Fuels keeps on top of your oil usage based on the cold temperatures and delivers accordingly. We never had to worry about running short.

Then last year, we decided it was time to update our air conditioning and we also wanted to change our oil furnace to natural gas. I’ve been happy with Bangs so I had them do the work. I like continuity. If you like a company, why switch?

We’re really happy with the equipment that Bangs Fuels installed. The new central air conditioning and the natural gas furnace are more efficient, and I’m saving money. You can’t do better than that! – L.C.